Steps to reflect changes in ShaPoint Timer job in MOSS


I’ve developed SharePoint Timer job in moss and gained a lot of experiences with deploying, configuring, debugging and updating it. The problem I had faced was my timer job changes don’t affect. Even after deploying multiple times then also changes are not affect in timer job. After lots of efforts finally I got the steps which will reflect the changes in timer job every time I deploy the solution. Here is the steps (my project type is WSPBuilder):


First Way:

  1. In visual studio 2008 right click on solution, Select WSPBuilder -> Uninstall.
  2. Check the dll of your solution name in C:WINDOWSassembly and if you find your dll then right click on dll and select Uninstall.
  3. Restart Windows SharePoint Services Timer from the Services.
  4. iisreset.
  5. Right click on solution, select Build.
  6. Right click on FEATURES folder of solution and select Copy to 12 hive.
  7. Right click on solution, WSPBuilder -> Copy to GAC.
  8. Right click on solution, WSPBuilder -> Copy to 12 hive.
  9. Right click on solution, WSPBuilder -> Build WSP.
    1. Right click on solution, WSPBuilder -> Deploy.
    2. Now you can run you timer job. You will got the changes.


Second Way:

After following above steps sometimes you might got changes in timer job. For that follow the below steps:

  1. Make changes in code which you want to do in code.
  2. After that right click on solution, WSPBuilder -> Upgrade. One popup is come to you for Rebuild Solution, click on Yes button.
    Note: If you do not get this popup then your code might not be changed. So, for that again make some changes in you code and try again Step no.1 and 2 until you get this popup.
  1. Right click on solution, select Clean.
  2. Right click on solution, select Rebuild.
  3. Follow the same steps from First way (1 to 10).


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Sameer J. Vaghela


Hiding SharePoint Application page (_Layouts Pages ) For Public Facing Site

For publishing site it is recommended to hide “_layouts” pages from crawling by search engines. When you create SharePoint public facing site using “publishing site” template it activates the feature “ViewFormPagesLockDown”.

This feature prevents users from opening any of pages from “_layouts” folder. But this feature is not available in “team site”, “blank site” and other site template.

But you can prevent users from accessing application pages (_layouts) by activating this feature manually. This is also helpful preventing search engines from crawling application pages.

stsadm -o activatefeature -url -filename ViewFormPagesLockDownfeature.xml


If you have anonymous access enabled before activating this feature, you need to disable anonymous access and then re-enable anonymous access again.

If you want to have some of the application pages to be visible by anonymous, you need to UnsecuredLayoutsPageBase class for such pages.

Shraddha Shah
SharePoint Developer