Difference between Facebook page & Facebook application

Facebook is one of the world’s top most social networking website. In current trend we always heard about posting on other’s wall, sharing photos, videos, link, liking page and accessing lots of application from Facebook app directory. Like a page or application is common these days, but did you ever know what the difference between Facebook page and Facebook application is? Let’s differentiate that, also find how to create a Facebook page and Facebook application step by step.

Facebook Page

Facebook page is a webpage which is generally used for advertisement purpose. This page may be your local business, company, a product, entertainment or community page.  This page is static page of Facebook means it does not contain any external domain page link unless an application it attached to it. In this page you can’t add your own logic. A screenshot of the page is shown below.

Facebook Page

To create Facebook page, login in to your Facebook account, go tohttp://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/

Create Page
Click on “create page” button on the top right corner of the page. Click on the company tab. Choose your category and fill your company name, check mark on terms & conditions and click on getting started. Wow, you created a Facebook public page. See image below.


The link in the address bar is the link of your page. You can copy this link and share on your blog or website so other can view your Facebook page. You can use this page same as your profile page. To upload photos, videos and wall post on your page open “Account” on right top corner of the page and click on “Use facebook as page”.  When you click on this link a list of pages is open. Select your page and click on “Switch” button. Now you are able to post on page’s wall. When your friends like your page and click on like button, your likes will be increased. You can see it on the left hand side of the page. This is most important for your page’s popularity. When you create a page, you get ugly Facebook page link like “www.facebook.com/pages/YourPageName/465646456775”. If your page gets more than 25 likes you will be entitle for a username. The username is a descriptive name for your URL (e.g. www.facebook.com/Username). To get username, click on “edit page” on the right top corner of the page (see above image) and select “Basic Information” from the left side bar. On the right hand side you can find username section. See image below. 

Facebook Application

Facebook application is an application that integrated with Facebook platform.  Applications have their own logics. Application can be built on different languages like asp.net or php. When you access the application it loads from the different server or domain. Facebook have its own application directory. There you can access different types of applications. This application may fetch your personal data from your Facebook account if you allow them to access your data. The application can also have their page. From the layout, Facebook application has a button on page called “Go to app”. See the difference below.

Facebook Page
Facebook Application Page
The above images represent the Facebook page Facebook application page. When you click on the “Go to app” button at the top of the application page it will redirect you to application which will be showed in page within iFrame.
To create Facebook application, go to http://www.facebook.com/developers/.  Click on “set up new app” on right top corner of the page. 
Create Application

Enter your application name in given field, click Agree and click on “Create App”. After you will be redirected to the application edit page. Here you can set logo, icon, descriptions and other information about your application. See image below. 


There are two main section of this application. First is core setting and other is Canvas. In the first section you can find “Application ID” and “Application Secret”. The application id is the main id and application secret is the unique code for your application which will need for further communication with Facebook. Now fill the section canvas.  The first textbox is for canvas page. Give a relative name as per your application. Note that this must be lower case. This will be your application path for Facebook (e.g. http://apps.facebook.com /ownfacebookapp/).

Next is the canvas URL. If you have application that already created on your domain give that path here (e.g. www.yourdomain.com/yourpage.aspx/).  Don’t forget to add slash (/) at the end of the link.Click on “Save Changes” located at bottom. It will redirect you to below page.

There you can find link like “Application profile page”. This is the page of our Facebook application page. The link is the address bar is the link of your application page. Below is the simple asp.net application form in Facebook which hosted on other domain. 

Dharmendra Mistry