Get Sharepoint Term’s Custom Local Property values (Server side)

We can get values of Custom local properties using server side code. There is no direct way to get custom local from terms. For that we need to do manual coding which is as follow:


/// Get Custom Local Property values of particular term.
private void GetCustomLocalPropertyValues(Term term)
       int valCnt = 0;
       int keyCnt = 0;
       string property1Val = null;
       string property2Val = null;
       string property3Val = null;
       int property1KeyId = 0;
       int property2KeyId = 0;
       int property3KeyId = 0;
       foreach (var custPropKey in term.LocalCustomProperties.Keys)
              if (custPropKey == "Property1")
              	property1KeyId = keyCnt;
              if (custPropKey == "Property2")
              	property2KeyId = keyCnt;
              if (custPropKey == "Property3")
              	property3KeyId = keyCnt;
       foreach (var custProp in term.LocalCustomProperties.Values)
              if (valCnt == property1KeyId)
              	property1Val = custProp;
              if (valCnt == property2KeyId)
              	property2Val = custProp;
              if (valCnt == property3KeyId)
              	property3Val = custProp;


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